The Rainbow Crow

The Rainbow Crow

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Khairaat Fagbemi
9 years old

The rainbow crow was excited to be picked to undertake the treacherous journey to the sun.
He knew it would be dangerous because the skies were full of hostile predators, risky paths, and tricky obstacles. However, he still decided to take up the offer.

The very next day, he set off on his adventure.
As he soared through the glistening clouds, he suddenly came face-to-face with a hungry eagle.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”
Feeling scared, he quickly flew past the eagle and didn’t look back.
When he thought he had escaped, he looked behind him only to find the eagle following close behind him.

Suddenly, he had an idea,
“Hey, you daft eagle, catch me if you can,” shouted the crow.
“With pleasure,” said the eagle.
The crow was more agile, so he was able to lose the eagle. He glided through the brightness and heat of the sun with a determined mind. In a few minutes, he had landed on top of the sun, burning his feet and losing half his feathers.

The rainbow crow
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