Readland is a CISCO Certified Digital Platform.

We have several CISCO Certificate courses like:
Coding Beginners Masterclass
Design Thinking
App Inventor Masterclass
Java Script Masterclass
CyberSecurity Masterclass
Beginners Python Level 1 Masterclass
Intermediate Python Masterclass
Advanced Python Masterclass and many more.


We have students in the Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Masterclasses

We teach using the Scratch app, App inventor, Python, JavaScript etc.

Our beginners class students create their games and projects for solution-based problems

They submit and upload games on the Readland global coding platform where others viewers play the game from different parts of the world.


The Readland MIT App Inventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone even children to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets.

This Masterclass helps in the creation of complex, high-impact apps more simply.

Our goal for the intermediate class is that every student creates a solution-based App and uploads it for purchase or free download on the play store.


Python is a high-level coding language, it’s a powerful yet intuitive way to write and run code.

Python for kids is one of the best ways to level up skills when it comes to web development, apps, game development, data science projects, and more.

Learning Python improves problem-solving skills.

Learning Python encourages Applying Logic.

After the end of this class, your child has to go through the,

PCEP– Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Exam and PCEP 2 Exam to be certified.

Each part has 4 modules

In PE1, we have:

Introduction to Python and Computer Programming, Data Types, Variables, Boolean Values, Conditional Execution, Loops and Decision making in Python.

In PE2, we have:

Object Oriented Programming, Classes, Object, Error and Error handling, Module etc.

In summary, PE1 and PE2 are part of the same course (PCEP) but both must be completed before being certified.


Consistency is a necessity for good writing.

If your children are not reading and writing regularly, they will probably never get better at it.

Some days, the mood is right, other times, they don’t feel like it, but if they master how to write in and out of season, they will cultivate the needed grit for writing excellently.

We will teach them the secret to reading and writing addictively and creatively to mastery.

Writing is finding their voice.

Creative Writing will always be on-demand.

This is the superpower of both employers, employees and entrepreneurs.  Employers look for people with strong writing skills to represent their companies and grow into leadership roles.

Having a range of writing skills can enable professionals in any industry to get noticed by employers, advocate for their interests and get work done more effectively.


Growth Mindset/Book Club.

Do you want to raise a reader and leader?

This class will help your child discover their strength and develop it. Let’s raise a  champion who is smart and endowed with character, godly values, resilience and strong emotional skills.

This class is all about change, growth and education for your child.


This class raises confident and eloquent speakers.

Public Speaking is a crucial life skill and improves the following in your children:

  1. Improves communication skills in your child
  2. Boosts your child’s confidence
  3. Develops your child’s leadership skills
  4. Sheds inhibitions

In this class, your child becomes a gifted public speaker.


Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of, or damage to hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services provided.

Cyber security is important because it encompasses everything that relates to protecting our data from cyber attackers who want to steal this information and use it to cause harm.

Because cyber threats can come from any time and from anywhere, it is important to teach your child about simple social engineering scams, like phishing and other security attacks like ransomware and other malware, which are designed for stealing personal data or intellectual property.


This masterclass offers emotional, social & intellectual tools needed to help 7-12 years old.

Know & understand self

Understand & relate with others favourably

Manage academic & social stress

Make effective decisions

At the end of the fourth week, the child will be able to make informed decisions, think critically, and creatively, communicate effectively & build healthy relationships.

The virtual Mood journal will be used to monitor & evaluate moods.


Self Awareness

Emotional regulation

Listening skills

Managing relationships

Confident communication